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About CLJ Connect

Who We Are

The CLJ Connect Community is a private community for students and financial advice professionals looking to ditch the old antiquated ways of growing their business and learn how to grow their business by working with CPAs, attorneys, and other COIs.

Our Mission

To raise the level of service in the financial advice industry by teaching advisors how to partners with CPAs and attorneys. We bring together new advisors across industry lines for the support, education, knowledge, and skills, needed to grow their business in a unique way. We know that advisors can struggle in the first 5 years. We help new advisors develop the mindset and know-how to grow their business with COIs so they can have greater success in a fraction of the time. Ultimately, its all about providing the best possible service to the client.  CLJ Connect is here to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to build successful COI relationships early in your career.

You are joining this community because...

You want to succeed in growing your business.  Specifically, you want to build more successful partnerships with CPAs and attorney. The world has changed and cold calling may not be the best way way to build your business.  COI development is the way to go!

You understand that...

COI Partnerships are an extremely effective way to grow your business and by working with COIs you are in fact providing top-notch service to your clients.

Who is this group for? 

We know the truth.  Advisor turnover is high because advisors struggle to grow their business.  Partnering with CPAs and attorneys is a successful way to grow your business. But most companies are not willing to invest in training new advisors to be successful in partnering with CPAs and attorneys. So, this group is for YOU if:

  • You are an agent or advisor in the financial advice industry
  • You want to grow your business by partnering with CPAs, attorneys, and other COIs
  • You want to hear from the perspective of COIs and how they work with financial advisors
  • You are ready to go to a higher level in growing your financial advice business and provide the BEST possible service to you clients.
  • You want to learn from more experienced advisors on what they’ve done to build COI networks.
  • You are ready to network with other new advisors in a safe, collaborative, supportive environment.

Be Part of a Movement

Join CLJ Connect to be part of the movement to raise the level of the financial advice industry around the world.  You'll be able to connect with like-minded people who are learning to put the business principles shared by CLJ into action. People just like you who are learning how to partner with CPAs, attorneys, and other COIs and grow their financial advice practice. Plus, when you join, you’ll have access to all of our online  courses and resources.

As a CLJ Member You Will Get:

Online courses - Get unlimited access to our Referral Builder Workshop, COI Success Program and our flagship COI Referral Training (Total Value: $1095)

Online Content, Webinars, Videos, Study Groups, & All Replays - 24/7 Access to all video content, webinars, videos, and events on critical topics related to growing your business and growing yourself.  This includes a special invitation to join our COI Success Program, a 6 week in depth training.

We know that everyone has a different schedule, so if you missed a webinar or event, you can watch it later in the app or on your computer.

Exclusive COI Interviews - watch insider interviews with CPAs, attorneys, and seasoned advisors. Learn how COIs think and what they look for in advisor relationships. Hear from seasoned advisors on how they grew a COI network.

Access to a global community of like-minded advisors- learn from other advisors just like yourself who are growing their business and partnering with COIs. Find out what working and what’s not. Share success and celebrate victory. Being a financial advisor can be a lonely world, but it doesn't have to be.

Exclusive VIP Access to new content!- we have several new exciting courses coming down the pipeline! Get exclusive access to new courses for FREE before they're released to the public.

And there’s more…- All guides, e-books, downloads, and other resources will be available at your disposal both on the app and on the website. Access them anytime and anywhere.